Pencil drawrings by pencilpaws Specialising in pictures of dogs and cats

Pet Portraits taken from your photo

The better your photo the better my artwork will be. Use a camera for best results not a mobile phone. The more memory your digital photo takes up the better. Photos must be well focused with your pet taking up as much of the photo as possible and not the background. Take your photographs outside if possible and without a flash. This will avoid red-eye. Natural light will always produce the best results. Try to capture your pets natural expression, or how you would like them to look.. Always best to take the photo at your pets eye level.

I can't imagine what they are really like and will draw exactly what is in the photograph so the photo you supply is so very important for a good result... Do not compress photos when e-mailing.
Email photos in JPEG format to

20cm x 20cm
Single HEAD of Dog/Cat/Rabbit etc.
(as above samples)
on A4 quality cartridge paper
£65.00 unframed or £95.00 framed

Postage and Packing:
£6.95 without frame or £9.95 with frame
Accepted payment methods: PayPal or Cheque

I will not require any payment until the portrait is complete.
I will then send you an email with a photo of the finished portrait for
you to approve. After payment original will be posted to you.

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